Be the boss of your email subscriptions

Be in control of your Gmail inbox like never before. Knowmea is the best Google Chrome Plugin that helps you spend less time on promotional emails and unsubscribe emails with ease.

Knowmea is launching in Jan 2021.
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Categorization Like Never Before.

Messy inbox? Thousands of emails? Not a worry, Knowmea organizes your promotional emails into a  easy to view dashboard.

Preference Control Tailored To You.

So much information, so little time. Focus your time on things that matter. Set up your personal preferences for information that deserve your attention.

Unsubscribe With Ease.

Don’t mess around with unsubscribing emails, let Knowmea help making unsubscribing emails like a breeze.

How Knowmea Works


Knowmea scans your promotional emails and only your promotional emails to get started.


With a bit of your input to understand what you like, Knowmea will be on the lookout for deals/new products that are just for you.


That’s it! Knowmea will personalize your dashboard with what’s relevant to you, so you can save time and energy!


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